Personal webmaster can also use the following methods to make money

before the general feeling, website make money, or others to earn monthly advertising costs to advertise, have to make money through the league. Rely on earning traffic click fees. Now slowly rely on users began to produce a profit, although very little, but after all, out of a little effect.

1 rely on virtual hosts, domain names to achieve profitability, and deep contact with customers. Usually the flow came and went, but if the user and the user to generate money, such as the relationship between the deep level, so that more closely. For example, stationmaster net agent network domain hosting business, if the 10 thousand owners to buy, in addition to the 10 thousand owners to purchase their own profits, and the 10 thousand station traffic. This value is eternal.

at the same time, because the relationship between the quantity, we have obtained the core agent ten thousand. There are a number of personal services for enterprise owners, directly from us to take the domain name and host. This forms our service brand.

2 rely on services to profitability, there are doing art services, there are SEO services, there are procedures to modify the service. We also have the transaction intermediary services, service is sweat, harvest is money. With sweat for money, than the uncertainty of the money in exchange for more long-term and stable. At present a lot of personal website also began to pay attention to service, do the stock information service, have to do housekeeping, do mobile phone charge download service, as well as traditional disc, movie download service antivirus software service, click on the novel VIP service.

3 rely on goods, business, selling information to make money, there are a number of sites dedicated to sell the program, specifically to sell software, and so on, one day IP less than 100, earn money, often more than IP1 million. Business class website, I have seen a website dedicated to selling the success of Library and so on, one day 1000 IP website monthly income reached 50 thousand. There is also a lottery class website, but also only more than 3 thousand IP, a month sales of lottery reached 500 thousand. The proliferation of network information, the collation of the sale of fine information, but also hot, for the industry, business areas, or engage in the first.

4 membership fee. This is a different site, have begun to try, but how to provide them with what they need, how to make the money spent on members of the real, more valuable, will be the focus of our industry website to explore.

The future of

website, everyone, do traffic, is everyone, the future of the station, more consideration and discussion of how the object of profit, how to profit. How to make a profit. This site ( will also be directed against this problem, and more Adsense to discuss, let everyone collide with the spark of thought.

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