Google Adsense recommends the use of 300250 format to enhance the effect

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GOOGLE ADSENSE today just received the official message, the site in the launch of 300*250 have a relatively good experience, click rate and the diversification of advertising, such as text, picture and video advertising.


first of all, on behalf of all members of the Google AdSense team to say hello to you!

watched carefully in your current advertising display, we recommend that you use the better advertising format 300*250. I hope you can consider this optimization proposal for your site to update the existing advertising.

we have observed that the current implementation of the optimization of the publisher account, the advertising effect of all aspects have a very significant improvement.

specific recommendations ————————————————————–

we look at your account and found a simple and quick way to help you improve the effectiveness of advertising.

currently has a number of pages in your site to show the 200*200 or 250*250 format of the square ad unit, and maintain a good advertising effect. But after a recent analysis of a large number of user data, we found a similar rectangular advertising unit 300*250 has a more outstanding performance, and many advertisers are more willing to in this format of advertising for advertising. So we suggest that you can try the 200*200 or 250*250 unit update for 300*250.


300*250 format advertising unit in the click rate and advertising revenue advantage lies mainly in the following three reasons:

1 currently has more location targeting ads in the format of the ad unit, and the format of the image ads are also more;

2 300*250 format for the total amount of advertising is relatively more, so the overall price is relatively high;

3 in the 300*250 ad unit, the more detailed description of each ad, to convey the message to the user is also more abundant, which is more likely to cause the reader’s interest.

if you are interested in this and intend to try, welcome to reply to this letter to tell us that we can also better track your account from the system to help you optimize your advertising.

Google AdSense optimization team

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