Entrepreneur how will the good entrepreneurial inspiration into the enterprise

entrepreneurs are mobile, this is good, but it is not enough to turn ideas into products, just take the first step. You have to know that every business, every idea, the conditions for success are different.

did you get an entrepreneurial inspiration and then what about


if you like me, always thought of a powerful and unconstrained style, inspiration may come at any time. Maybe you are inspired by the time you take a shower, or when you are driving, or when you are reading. For most of us, get good inspiration is not the most difficult thing in the business, let us get inspiration after scratching, is what to do.


entrepreneurial inspiration how to transform into business?

a few weeks ago, I had a good time with my good friend Greg Hartle at the Startup Weekend conference in southern California. Greg and I are both spokesmen for the event, and I remember the theme of his speech: what should we do next?

if you are not familiar with Startup Weekend, please let me introduce you. This is a total of 54 hours of activity, in this activity, everyone can share their power, for business, application, product or service ideas, among the founders can be freely combined, their inspiration into enterprise. The best thing about Startup Weekend is that there will never be a lack of creativity. Therefore, if you have a similar entrepreneurial activities in the city, I would like to suggest that you attend.

and Startup Weekend is not so good place is that, after the event, all people do not know how to translate into a real product or enterprise.

when Greg stepped onto the podium, he took out a password lock from his pocket. He was holding the lock in one hand, the other hand holding a microphone, and then handed the password lock to an audience around, and let her open the lock. Greg told her that if she could not open the lock, he would not stop the speech from the stage.

the audience immediately began to twist the dial on the password lock, the lock on the ear to listen and then continue to turn the turntable, she even took out his cell phone search on Google, how to open the password lock". When the audience busy, Greg began to talk about their views on entrepreneurship.

a few minutes later, Greg asked the audience how the lock was going. Her answer was "working hard."." Greg gave her a lot of entrepreneurs for having heard it many times: "try a little harder." She continues to try to open the lock to exhaust all the skills.