11 yet open ideas for making money online

It’s not a secret that

‘s great ideas have changed the web. Community websites and web applications are becoming more and more popular. Young entrepreneurs make a lot of money through contacts and simple ideas. Are you interested in being a member of the


dream is very simple: through careful planning and some free time, the creation of a wise idea, can a man like you and then added fortune. But these great ideas in where? Why do we often see some things out of order, but not great new ideas? Rust in sapphire where


actually, it’s already in use, they’re at your feet. You just need to look more carefully. Here are 11 ideas that are not yet open, and you will be rich tomorrow. Hurry up! The alarm clock is ringing.

1 reversed the work board

Mini Market: "online trading."

specific meaning: do you know the working board on the Internet, not the employer recruitment advertising, but the job seekers to apply for advertising.

trading principle: designers, developers, writers and so on any work can put forward requirements, and to such a person how much commission.

practical reasons: more and more people are engaged in network work, sometimes it is difficult to find a job and is time-consuming. If someone else can help you find a job, it is not very good, especially if you just know that someone needs a website or logo design, and just when someone wants to find the design work.

source of income: charge for transaction commissions, or monthly collection of demand information or contact information. Can refer to: http

2 community counseling

Mini Market: YAHOO is responsible for the webmaster."

specific meaning: webmaster for the proposed payment and get advice from experts from all walks of life.

trading principles: owners pay gold (or any other currency – fine Bo note), and then published with their own website screenshots of the article, and attached to the desired goal. Community consultants advise and collect gold. Gold coins can be cashed or used to ask questions.

practical reasons: ideas and suggestions are important to improve your site. This approach allows you to avoid paying someone a huge consulting fee, you only need to pay a small fee for the team. Long term will increase your value.

revenue source: webmaster buy gold. For example, the community to submit the site to provide consulting services need 25 gold coins, you can collect 5 gold coins, the remaining 20 gold coins to those who provide consulting services.

3 network debate

Mini Market: "debating Wikipedia."

specific meaning: debate fills every forum and website >