Wangzhuan the essence of creativity

Wangzhuan difficult, almost inaccessible, but if there is a good idea, coupled with a strong executive ability, it will be a bonanza, below, introduced a server do wangzhuan.

first you see on the Internet, much like providing free space, real, long-term stability can be few, I want to say is that don’t intend to provide space, a lot of foreigners are doing, XXX, free space, several tens of hundreds of M G G has infinite space, flow infinite and so on, are very seductive, putting out, releasing the information well, for everyone, good speed, and then spread.

, of course, of course, the new server speed, no one will know consider this problem, spread around the country, and even all over the world the news, a few months down, not only is every day to say traffic flow for tens of thousands of, and every day, because the engine can flow continuously.

well, a few months later, also spread, with more people, the station was closed, the corn into the park there, waiting to receive the money, in fact this is very offensive, but the free space in this way, he has the right of final interpretation, he provided free of charge East West, at any time can be folded, but it is enough if you make a lot of money, is not tying rice space, must use his 2 meters of space, the more traffic.

in accordance with this algorithm, a meter of 12 months, opened 6 months or less, only 6 months is parked, a meter a year earn thousands of knife, knife knife? 000? Your imagination, you have enough time and technology to do such a few station a year. You earn enough, I hope this article can let you see a dawn wangzhuan.

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