Taobao guest do not let the celebrity experience blinded eyes

current Wangzhuan industry, Taobao registered passenger capacity of thousands of army, Taobao off like a huge flood, has become one of the most fashionable Wangzhuan way nowadays. Many college students in the Taobao customers, at work also do part-time work in Taobao, Taobao also do not find customers, even expert quit working full-time to do Taobao customers. Such a large number of such an unprecedented scale, indicating that Taobao customers do have its unique charm

although many people have joined Taobao, but after many rookie Taobao customers and do not understand the novice Taobao customers and how to do Taobao, Taobao customers because of a variety of marketing methods varied, complicated product category, how to choose what promotion, promotion, is indeed a vexing problem, so it is so important to Taobao customer experience sharing. So rookie and novice must be in the promotion period, to understand some of the relevant knowledge, such as Ali mother forum, A5 webmaster and other well-known websites to share the successful experience of Taobao customers, a lot of experience on rookie help is very big, but there are also many seemingly very cattle waste experience.

1, not complete guest experience. Such as: "write some original articles, published in the famous website, get thousands of people reproduced". This sentence is basically not to say. First, the original article is not easy to write, second, the major well-known site audit is very strict, and the third, even if the audit is not necessarily a lot of reprint. This sentence is correct, to provide us with a general direction and objectives for our Taobao customers to provide a general plan and route. But it’s hard to operate. The original article how to write, how to write high quality articles, to which the web site will be good and so on, are not clear, basically is the empty talk, do not have practical significance.

2, guest experience profitability and advertising. This experience sharing is too much. Pull off the assembly line, the product promotion, the invitation to join the group, registered as a member and so on, these experiences with for-profit and share experiences, with induction and profit, often such guest experience sharing is extremely one-sided, does not have much practical significance.

3, the lag of the guest experience. Many guest experience sharing posts are good, does have its merits, for the majority of friends Amoy help is obviously, but the experience is the essence of the past now garbage. Such as: Baidu space to add links to promote, it is impossible. But this post is still subject to the Tao guest reprint and sought after, but with the times of the guest experience is really few.

4, the conservative guest experience. Can also be called retention. Taobao customer has a distinct characteristics, is First impressions are strongest with intense competition, once, Amoy share their unique experience, that is to take their own interests to share with others. So, you hide a little, not out of the secret is not open to the public. Unless flowers >