want to add new business map site Alliance

    51 map site alliance system is a map of the network launched a dedicated website with the owners of the site to create a mutually beneficial win-win situation of the site alliance platform. The platform relies on a strong technical background and strong financial support, in order to lay a good and stable development in the future.

      the establishment of the launch of the "desktop map" to promote the project, only two months on the installed capacity of more than 100 thousand! Achieved remarkable results in the industry, making the rapid growth of the business alliance. Today’s alliance is in the original business and added the "China electronic map 2007" promotion. The software is made by Beijing Tecocity Technology Co. Ltd., consumer electronic map products people traffic audio video publishing house, has a lot of advantages and highlights.

      method of joining 51 map network alliance is actually very simple, as long as you have their own website, blog or forum, you can easily join them, with 51 working together to map business cooperation and promotion, and at the same time to earn your reward.

      site owners only need the corresponding registration process, you can become a member of the union, and obtain the relevant code "Chinese map 2007" and placed in the main station’s own website, then you can start to promotion. To the end of the month, our system will be based on each site owners make sales in proportion to the corresponding commission.

      51 map website alliance, from the original "desktop map" business to now "China map 2007", can also be seen from network is actively open up more business and promotion project.

      the future network will continue to follow this path to develop, continue to provide more resources for cooperation. At the same time, stable and quick return is also the site of the alliance’s commitment to each webmaster. I believe that the flexible and convenient way of cooperation and generous revenue will always be the first goal of the website alliance and the pursuit of each webmaster! (commissioning editor admin01)