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around the tourism network (www.tvtour.com.cn) Chinese travel video first station. With ten years of experience in professional tourism TV Guangzhou weekend tour guide Television Network Limited was founded by Guangzhou Telecom Planning, and provide technical support to jointly build broadband, with one of the largest broadband Chinese website "century front" global tourism communication platform.

promotion advantages:
1, a wide range of user groups, with the theme of life tourism, especially for tourism, local, life site.
2, advertising material form lively, click rate is high, suitable for the type of site.
3, the site brings together the Guangzhou TV "weekend tour guide" more than and 10 years of the essence of the Tourism TV and the tourism destination of the wonderful tourist promotion, as well as the daily users continue to upload tourism DV.
4, tourism, local, life site priority.

note: only the news blog     community;     art photography;       shopping; economy;   dating; life     music entertainment;   IT    film;     education; tourism real estate site on the  .

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thank you for your partner’s support for the league!

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