Google AdSense modify the name of the payee policy update

just received Google AdSense Blog just released a new policy in China.

in order to better protect the interests of publishers, we recently revised the name of the payee policy update. From now on, the AdSense account will not change the name of the payee. If you need to change the name of the payee, you need to close the current account and apply for a new account with a new name.

if you are to change the name of the payee in error, such as the application is careful not to fill in the wrong words, you can help in the center of the "contact us page" fill in "modify payee name" link table, in accordance with the forms required to answer the security question, and submit the ID scan you, so that we can you confirm the correct name.

modify the name of the error does not need to receive payment, if you find your name is wrong, you can immediately fill in the form to apply for amendment. However, please note that you can only make a change to your name, so we ask you to modify the identity card to submit a scan, so we confirm that you have submitted your correct name.

, for example, if your correct name is "Li Ming", registered in the "Li Ming", you can then fill out the "modify the name of the payee" form and submit your application to modify the ID scan; and if you want to convert the payee name from "Li Ming" to "Zhang Jun". You can now close the account, and then use "Zhang Jun" to apply for a new account.

company account if you want to modify the company name, also need to close the existing account, and use the new company name to apply for a new account.

if we adjusted the policy to bring you any inconvenience, we are very sorry, I hope you can understand us, we hope that the publisher account in ensuring as safe as possible at the same time, continue to provide convenient and satisfactory service for publishers. If you have a better suggestion, welcome you to submit your comments and suggestions in the Chinese support center, we will listen to your voice, and constantly improve our service! Thank you!