An ordinary entrepreneurs readme have experienced such a news broker

Abstract: in 2013, CHINAJOY, I found a foreign company, did not give any other executives fees, did not eat, I got a best position to show my product. I found a Chinese media, or colleagues husband, thought that there is a little friendship or help, spent more than 4 thousand but nothing.

I am an ordinary entrepreneur, recently saw some news about the broker to discuss titanium media, also want to speak a bit of his personal experience, around 2013, from Beijing to Shanghai entrepreneurs to set up his own company, the main business direction is a game machine based on Android set-top box, now the market is somewhat similar to the 9 ZTE "lunch box" FunBox "".

as an entrepreneur, and was looking for investors, their products, like propaganda so that once a year Chinese most fire "CHINAJOY", display their products Chinese interactive entertainment exhibition, at the same time by former colleagues circle, looking for the media to publicize.

however, this process is mixed, especially under review, to verify the domestic bad media environment.

When the

activity is divided into two parts, one is the CHINAJOY, trying to make their products at the CHINAJOY booth, but he did not so much money to move, so found a relationship foreign game engine UNITY, contact their executives want to show their box game machine products in the booth, which run their company UNITY game.

the company’s executives very positive, and offered to sign a strategic partnership and our agreement, at the time, they are a very large company, and I actually have a shell company, the shell company, to feel shy words, in fact just by the name Industrial and Commercial Bureau also, no registration.

is in this case, Chinese executives this foreign engine company, sent me to the strategic cooperation agreement detailed professional norms, exhibition and cooperation agreement, there is no mention of any money in terms of sponsorship, just put forward we need to bring their own products, and a big screen TV, at the venue to showcase our products.

OK, for an entrepreneur, a chance to show the most important reached, a booth at the one hundred thousand people in a plurality of CHINAJOY professional Stadium on 4 consecutive days, can show my business products, but also do not spend money, the entrepreneurs, is a very wonderful thing.

then, I thought of my old colleagues, it is said that her husband is Oriental Morning Post reporter, so I contact the old colleague said, could he husband to eat a meal, can be in the CHINAJOY during the consultation, we help the entrepreneurial company issued a report like. The >

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