Four offbeat success factors of entrepreneurial path

often see "you" show friends all know, this is really Wolong Tibetan tiger. There are a lot of job seekers have a strong personal ability, whether it is Zhang Xiaopan or Li Yizhou, they have their own views on entrepreneurship. So we as the audience, should not only watch, look at their debate and the regiment of BOSS, but rather from the "spy" to our business points, to correct mistakes, after all, their advice or suggestions are very valuable, and I also summarized some, here for everyone to share, hope to help everyone.

entrepreneurship is to rely on the existing platform to do leapfrog development, and ultimately do their own products

Li Yizhou and Zhang Yipan are in the job during their own not mentioned a company or enterprise for too long time, Zhang Yipan is mentioned that he would stay in a company for 3 years, then leave. Of course, we can not interpret this as self conceit, but a reflection of the development of entrepreneurship after these acts. For this, I would like to share with you a little bit of their own ideas. I have a design of God side, and because I like is just graduated not long, only a small part in the company, not the color of opportunity, but the friends in Witkey website mix out of the head, do not say much, do a design for a week I have enough to earn a month but, he obviously does not meet these, then quit full-time Witkey directly. Maybe you think my friends will continue to go on Witkey website, but the fact is not so, he chose to give up and leave the Witkey website, founded his own studio, this is the springboard for the development of ideas in my mind, because as a Yipan said, even if their online Taobao a year can have 1 billion water. But this does not mean that what will eventually put their fate at the mercy of others, like my friend, he said now Witkey website market brand is not very good, because there are too many cheat draft incident, and then contact the nearest Tao event, we can draw the occupation platform we should cherish the certain development, stable use of existing resources, when all aspects of their own mature, to seek self brand building Set.

career center to gradually change from self to team management

is one of three men to help, I think everyone can understand the meaning of this sentence. Today’s workplace competition is no longer a personal hero show to the stage, to build a brand, a business success requires dozens of people or work together tens of thousands of people, if we still singles alone, the victim can only be our own, although Robin Li is a buffalo graduate of the State University of New York, but when he does poineering work there are still 7 people in to help him, Ma set up Taobao now in Chinese electric business but he also has a summon wind and call for rain, the first 5 core group, more than two people are seeing personal ability and excellent representative, but they are still not "get rid of" the help of others, so now successful Wangzhuan >

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