2 of the wealth expansion

Low cost, small audience, channel flat, close to the capital chain and consumers. From the new generation of grassroots we can see some of the unique characteristics of the new economy, they have completed a marketing revolution

in a domain name is a www.guodegang.org/bbs forum, a "de ganger" ID, the forum people know that it is the owner of Guo Degang, non famous comedian now the fire was not, a digital economic era "winner".

created by the Internet comic "wire"

Guo Degang not for his comic performances done a large-scale publicity, there is no development to comic or laughter for the relevant product selling point, what is the power to the grass-roots red cross talk so?

Guo Degang years partner Yu Qian said: "he is such a comic pure love, after the show went home, which do not go on TV are not very interested in, is the Internet watch and listen to the tape disc, then pondering their own scripts." Visible Guo Degang learned a lot from the internet.

ideas are computer layman, Guo Degang’s comic fans, some technical fans obligation to assume this responsibility, to help build the site. Everyone firewood high flame, the prototype site in May came out, in the "laughing friends forum", the folk do not understand where what to crosstalk, are free to ask questions. As long as it’s okay, Guo Degang will stay in the forum, see everyone’s views on the performance of the theater, talk about their common interests – Comic dialogue.

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