Entrepreneur you must know who your product is sold to


Author: B block 12 floor,

talk about a project, the project is no longer the early early, not because of the fact that the project has just started, has been operating for more than a year, but when it comes to the original team, only two founder.


I was at the beginning of this year when the opportunity to meet this entrepreneur, but also a total of about 20 square meters of his company to discuss the project with him. He is doing acoustic communication, mainly mobile phone communication, like Bluetooth, just do not like Bluetooth pairing. I’ve always been interested in the field of communication, and that’s why I’m talking to him about this project and it’s quite impressive.

entrepreneurs took the two mobile phone, to show me his "product", or is the prototype is more suitable, no decent interface, only one input box, enter any information in the application of a mobile phone, according to the application sent after another mobile phone is through voice (ultrasonic is inaudible) to capture the information, then the display box, the technical principle, the demonstration is successful, the difficulty lies in the modulation and demodulation part information is loaded into the sound wave, especially the design of interference filter. If only from the product point of view, is still far from being able to sell the point, I asked him how to make money, he said I do not know, do not even know who to sell.

I asked him why only two people, he said that there were three or four people, are doing the development, research and debugging, finally the acoustic communication to achieve. Just then a short term to see the development of the company, two is the treatment of low, so after a year and never returned, so only two founders, not much money in his pocket, guarding the company and other business contacts to maintain the operation, currently in the development of musical instruments for tuner.

this situation is not a few companies, but the desire is good, but the reality is always cruel. I chatted with him from the situation, entrepreneurs are not clear at the beginning, just ran ideal hangchikengchi a vague doing. Take this project, the entrepreneur only to achieve the impulse of acoustic communication, but do not know how to make money after the realization, which is very terrible, the result is that the project has been in the prototype stage. In this case, technology entrepreneurs who are most likely to occur, did not make the technology difficult to body when they do something out of the true cow B function that supernatural excited state, even if sometimes write a script, are excited for several days, although this script may never be used.

later I still gave him some advice, of course, on the direction of investors is not reliable, I only know about, do not really understand his stuff. So I stress that the advice I give is just a brainstorming of personal contributions

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