For struggling Wangzhuan friends sincere advice

to say hello to everyone, I am from Henan, when the summer vacation this year, a coincidence chance I know Wangzhuan, was also heard, but in my friends, they think about whether the manner, when I began to view the naive, really and I always think that is unlikely, how to make money? I think Wangzhuan people who are either not too much money, or computer technology is very good, but when I really entered into, the real psychological and website fusion, to suddenly changed. Later found, I think now is not the case, I think there are many people from first to last all have this idea, wake up ah, you must understand: Wangzhuan equality before the. If you’re willing to do Wangzhuan, you will have your feelings out of the ordinary.

twenty-first Century is an era of knowledge economy, as the leader of the society of college students, after ten years of studying hard, graduated from our situation really miserable. The social injustice in our college students to find jobs and earn money is very convincing, before college students, is our pride, but several years of development to a lot of pressure, help reduce the burden on the family, but our salary is very low, eight hours a day to earn 20 to block money, but in the end we ten years, has been reduced to cheap labor, society is helpless, we are distressed. I know my position and small, so the Wangzhuan still choose this road, I will stick to my choice.

is not very harmonious in the network world, which make friends are on their own ability and belief in support, they all have a positive and healthy attitude, and this attitude is to do Wangzhuan is the most important, when my Wangzhuan road has just started, what don’t understand, remember the first time I come into contact with Wangzhuan when my heart was touched, so confidence into it, registered mail registration payment. When we put all the preparations, insist for a long time, his work found that no matter how hard, accounts very little money, also worried about their hard-earned money taken out, I just started to do is click on the foreign website, because many procedures do not understand, so no insist on down. In the days that followed, I went on to tell myself that I would succeed in the end.

ten years of sword, I insist on his own, found in, which some people there are tens of thousands of monthly income, I went to the very heart to engage in real Taobao customers, and Taobao together, but their basic knowledge is too bad, the most simple upload procedures are not. My idea is to insist is victory, determined to learn about the basic knowledge of network, I have learned a lot from Adsense online, you want to succeed, you want to become bigger and stronger, you must have a website of your own, do Wangzhuan the most basic condition is to have you your own website.


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