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speaking of linktech network marketing alliance, some novice is not so clear, because this alliance is a professional advertising alliance, unlike some large union search engine or portal website support. Bloggers have done this alliance, as long as the promotion of the success of the money is still very timely, credibility is guaranteed. Collar unique Korean background, is said to be the first in the Korean union marketing, has 6 years of service in the international major customers professional and rich experience.

the same time open the main site of the union registration and advertisers registration, two aspects of the conditions are very relaxed. The main site to fill in the user information, contact information, bank account, click on the completed consent alliance advertising rules, the registration is successful; advertisers need to fill out the person in charge of information, company information, website information can be successfully registered. The alliance does not provide CPC business, that is, can not buy traffic in this alliance, the owner of the registered owner of the meaning of the individual is not large.

linktech alliance main CPS business and CPA business, CPS business is very extensive, and the famous in the alliance network marketing activities, product category is also very rich such as medicine, cosmetics, books, digital, home appliances, air tickets, Adult supplies etc.. If the site itself has a certain flow, you can choose linktech CPS business.


alliance CPA business generally maintained at more than ten kinds, engage in Wangzhuan are clearly belong to the CPA business website and advertising content, accurate task, even if the site traffic is relatively small, as long as the ads, and will continue to generate significant advertising. Involving products, including education and training, financial management, network research, entertainment, etc., suitable for English learning websites, investment banking sites to launch, some game forums can also be considered.

how to pay for the main site is always most concerned about? Because the sweat finally earned 100 yuan, hit the bank account which is their own money, ha ha. Linktech full payment of one hundred yuan, every Monday, two may apply, but each month to allow the payment time, now is like this, such as the time of payment please to the official for change. See the union of multiple pages did not find a discussion on cheating, if the union is convinced that you cheat, do not send money is sure.

wrote several union comments, but found that the comment is not in place, the next time to write comments will give an alliance to two examples to illustrate how to match specific advertising and website to provide more favorable help for the majority of members. Please continue to focus on this blog!

the Wangzhuan training first, please keep your

links, thank you very much!

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