An investor is investing in front of the dialogue deputy general manager of the investment market

this is an era of "entrepreneurship". Because, even investors are out of business.

Beijing, a sunny afternoon, there is no haze, in a core area of a low-key cafe, eye brother saw Ali was one of the earliest employees of the Ministry of investment. After leaving Ali, CDH, Qu Tian after a brief adjustment, has turned an out and out of entrepreneurs. He is doing the bat capital has raised the first batch of start-up funds, and has successfully voted a few small and beautiful quality projects, plans to raise the scale of 100 million yuan. Compared with the past, Qu Tian feel more enjoy now, because he does not need to performance, a large number of intensive annual look at hundreds of projects, but is in accordance with their own way to find the project and make investment.

is a venture investor

recently, while Dongfeng O2O, the creation of real estate transaction platform "only three years of housing a lot of" ferocious, first 20 years Vanke veteran Xiao Li to join, then Baidu technology Daniel to hire, as early as July is large completed $80 million B round of financing, and this year’s goal is to sell a lot of room 200 billion.

behind this miracle, in the A round into the Ding Hui, Jia Yu, the speed of light and other institutions, is undoubtedly a major thrust of its development. And when he was appointed Vice President of the CDH Qu Tian, contributed to this deal. Prior to the formal lock room a lot, Qu Tian was in the Internet real estate for up to six months of tracking. Today, a lot of housing valuation has increased by several times.

mentioned these, Qu Tian appears relatively calm, because the creation of "miracle" is also one of the objectives of the investment plan, although it is rare.

Prior to

Ding Hui, Qu Tian is the second member of the investment department ali. From portal editor, product manager of YAHOO’s core sector, to Ali investment. In Ali, Qu Tian feel to do two things: first, let Ali early into the UCWEB, the United States is the introduction of the two group ali. In hindsight, this is both a very worthwhile investment, no matter from which side.

Da said that at least confirmed his judgment as an investor; two is to make a lot of new friends, entrepreneurs have a more profound understanding. For example, Wang Xing, from Tsinghua MBA class, the domestic network to the U.S. group, he saw a completely different wang.

After leaving

, Qu Tian in the rest stage, just some former colleagues and friends are entrepreneurs, and they mixed together, feel their passion and imagination, Qu Tian also began to be moved inside.

investors should have an entrepreneurial experience is complete." Qu Tian think this time the choice is right, in the process of entrepreneurship he learn and feel a lot, let him on the investment, entrepreneurship, with a new perception.

investment, empathy is also competitive

eye brother decided to challenge Qu Tian: before you can have money on behalf of Ali, CDH, self willed, are likely to chase the project and >

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