The best way to speed up the flow absolutely effective

        no one will be hard to do site visits, is really a painful thing, like don’t sell products, no matter how good the quality is not recognized. A lot of people with Alexa cheating and automatic Click to increase the page refresh rate, ranking is up, but ask yourself, busy for a long time, what do you get? A real visitors did not increase, once stopped the self deception, ranking immediately fell sharply, if Alexa blacklist to turn over of the day. Some people think that extensive exchange of connection or join several exchange chain can increase the flow, but the real connection from someone you click on website of the very few people, unless you with great reputation on the web connection, but for the new station, with the station makes connection easier said than done! Try email? Forum posting? QQ mass? Once the anti spam laws, the "way" will be broken, walk on the edge of a bad day. As for the forum post, no matter how long it will sink to the bottom, who see? In case of being responsible for the owner, may only be delete. When it comes to the QQ group, people see is advertising information, close the window also angry, I see your website? Is there a practical way to improve website traffic? I want real IP!   

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