09 Wangzhuan liar exposure ten typical novice beware of scam

has entered the history of 09 years, the new year began. In the occasion of this Spring Festival, sesame once again remind everyone, beware of swindlers, carefully fooled.

now college students summer vacation, many Swindlers Company gradually emerged, such as the first payment after the money, a typist, money hook, fish, it is easy to accidentally fall into the trap of fraud, so I have 09 years of common public open up some of the tricks here, everybody beware fooled.

: free money Witkey

CCTV recently reported some Witkey profitable projects, so some crooks will be playing under the banner of witkey. In fact, Witkey in foreign countries is indeed a very popular money making project, but in China is not mature, the majority of Internet fraud, such as Witkey stars. In addition these crooks are often used to replace the packaging, for example, was renamed to off the shoulder, Wiki, etc., in fact, exactly the same, a superficial reform.

two: always color experts, free to teach you to make money

In fact, this trick

sesame exposed several times, but there are always some friends to try holding the psychological participation. Most experts always color is a constant color website agent, whether you win or lose the game, he will earn the agency fee, so you are helping him to work, he also can give you a promise is winning 80%.

three: point advertising to make money, collect fees

recently has a lot of sites under the banner of free advertising to earn money, but requires you to pay a certain domain name fees, or software costs. In fact, this industry has a long history of advertising money, authenticity is relatively reliable. For example, 58 task network (www.58task.com), etc., are the real need not pay the site. But there are a lot of crooks use this site, out of other sites, and claims to be the site to join the site, thereby defrauding the trust of users, defrauding members of the money. This scam is easy to expose, as long as the firm can not pay it.

four: Daily earn hundred dollars tutorial

Many of the

forum, there are a lot of Wangzhuan tutorial for sale, and given a higher credit guarantee. But most are the first payment, after the tutorial, although the protection of the money if you do not make money, but the money has come to his hands, it is not so easy to retreat. No guide, just shouting slogans make you pay, so members do not believe the canon, Wangzhuan is firm, to adhere to the


five: to establish a

forum to make money

many Wangzhuan forum by hanging strip advertising to make money, but deliberately high prices of these ads published in the following, and hang out, how many yuan sold tens of thousands of people in the popular forum. Do not think you have purchased, they have their own such a powerful forum, you can make money. In fact, they give you just a shell, no one.

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