How to make the 1000ipGGAD sisters acne net income 7 knife

may 1000IP master $7 is very few, but for the novice, it is not easy for me to do today, I share with you sister acne how to do the 1000IP $7 net, just like I got up at 5 in the morning the busy new friends as a reference, but also to eat large to narrow the gap between rich and poor, and earn more money, to provide some methods and skills. OK we look at the map, so that everybody says I said is not true, here is my yesterday Ggad income that, what data is absolutely true, there is absolutely no cheating


in this picture you can read what? 2 important messages at least GGAD people should read that price per click on the 0.07 page, click rate reached 2.9%, which means what? Of course mean income, a lot of friends may know that to raise the income of GGAD 3 way is the web page display number, click rate and price ". If you do these 3 are better, then OK your income is more and more water. Well, the end of the introduction has started to talk about how the specific operation of the

do GGAD site positioning


first you do need to stand on your website source location, such as my sister goes to my site positioning is hanging GGAD then if high traffic after the later can get rid of acne or agent products, this position can let me in the beginning do stand, can have income as can I go on step by step, because all the People are hurrying to and fro. for profit, income you have more passion.

do GGAD website theme

theme is very critical of his direct decision of the GGAD unit price, and now the price is relatively high GG I know, beauty, health, building materials, foreign exchange what. I choose the anti acne acne belongs to the beauty or can be said to be healthy, the concept is vague, if you don’t know the topic if you are doing high can know by a simple method, that is you search your primary keyword in Baidu, see if there are a lot of promotion, if it is also means the theme of sites within the GGAD price will be very high.

do GGAD site planning

theme positioning, do a good job after that, we need to do some articles in the design. Why? Because only be prepared to do the best, you need to do in the design of various parts of the GGAD position left out, you can see my acne site before I do stand has the location of each advertising planning well, for example, what position, size and content are all fully integrated. The only way to do this is to have a high click through rate.

if you do a good job of the above 3 aspects, then the rest of your business is to do optimization, and strive to improve their own traffic, if

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