Only to adapt to the changing network success will come

now estimates most of the SEO friends are in a confused period, the SEO confused, for the industry to make money is not lost, presumably in every friend here, have experienced such a thing, I am no exception, my story, I do not speak, I speak to you a friend’s story, hope to be able to transfer positive energy, to give everyone a little confidence.

              she was originally the site, in a small town in a Shandong, in time to the customer site, meet customer requirements for SEO, that was when I heard a lot of money, then the next single sub optimal, do remember that is three words, now only remember one: car leather seat, then do not search, not many people, because it is the first to do so, the price is low, three words less than one thousand. She is through the "Baidu know" to find me, when he learned from the Internet, and then go back to work after reading, sometimes teach her, and to solve some simple problems for her.

              the first is to work in a network company, in a small city, with a more than 1 thousand salary, she graduated from high school will not go to school at home, about a boyfriend, so I don’t think too much, just such a reluctant. In 2011 to the time of the Spring Festival approaching, she and her boyfriend broke, eventually broke up, years later, resigned, leaving their own city, defected to another nearby city. In fact, I was always curious, why choose this city, the best that originally came to this city, because it is an understanding of users on the Internet, he is now the "husband", to be honest, I feel really a bit too careful.

              came to this city, and she is now the husband struggle together, when in the start-up stage, so hard, just started the development of a total of four individuals, after a period of time, the two began to put money towards the company, remember is not a lot, about seventy thousand or eighty thousand, due to her husband home conditions a little better, so the burden is not heavy, but the pressure is relatively large. More and more people subsequently recruited, began to engage in business more and more, from the simple website, first to later, in SEO, to develop gradually, finally, engaged in all kinds of network services. For a long time, in the local reputation, business is more and more, the monthly net income is also increasing. The second half of 2012, two people hand in hand together, into the marriage hall, the company also developed to ten people. The company’s core staff, the basic are also their friends and relatives, wages are around four thousand or five thousand (this figure is roughly inferred, because it has just a brother to learn, out of wages 300>)

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