Let them make money in Nirvana hotlinking working for yourself

often hear some movie station or software download station friends complain, said his website resources are always being hotlinking, the results did not earn a penny does not say, also often bring huge pressure hotlinking to his paralysis of the server. In the Internet resource sharing today, is impossible to guard against anti Daolian, even the best technology will also be broken and for its use. Since the guard, why don’t we change a way of thinking, let these people Daolian for their services? Some friends may think that this is Arabian Nights, try to learn the methods I.

a, lease a relatively good point of the server, in order to provide resource download service.

two, the thunder to download the resources to find the ranks of the most popular resources, resources should not be too large, each a few megabytes to dozens of megabytes can be sorted out resources.

three, a download forum or website, each post or article into a resource connection.

four, each resource is compressed into a self extracting compressed package, and in which to write their own web site advertising page, so that when the user will unzip the file will pop up their web pages.

five, continue to update resources and in accordance with this method to compress.

The hotlink of

six, the network is very sensitive to the excellent resources, will soon let you connect the resources all over the internet.

our rough calculation, those popular movies or software for us every day to bring 100 thousand traffic light, there are hundreds of pieces of pop ads. Because resource download users are highly targeted, if appropriate, do CPA and CPC advertising, every day can earn enough 3 digits, so stick down after the purchase of a more advanced server, improve download speed, thus forming a virtuous circle. I’m afraid that also worry about hotlinking fewer


, of course, some people may think that this program is not feasible, or technology is not as an excuse to shirk not to do. Personally, I think it is not too much to make money through the network technology, or technology is the most humble link. Alibaba founder Jack Ma is one of the most typical example, there is no technology we can ask people to do, the key is whether we have to do, do not want to.

more than the way I personally are in the trial, the specific results I do not need to say it, just want to give you a train of thought, I hope everyone can make excellent stand, earn more money.

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