Ali mother will never let the webmaster sad

received a message from Ali’s mother today, watching me sad,

today this life, no justice, no transparency, no human nature.

the interests of small owners, forever, can not be guaranteed,

is a domain name, an account, you see not pleasing to the eye, a little mouse, 88

then call system to an email that letter of your account, I write representations, then back is still sent to the


they do not look at, just click the mouse to allow the machine to automatically send it,

do you know, these small Adsense is how many sleepless nights in exchange for a little income

I didn’t cheat. You said it was sealed. Why?

I really feel like a not rely on abandoned, helpless, lonely and helpless.

is always in the palm of the hand of the big consortia. that 300 yuan advertising costs gone.

I will not imagine the world so perfect, so naive, go their own way, let others to torture.

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