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information channel July 26th, Ai Ruixin annual marketing conference held in Beijing Century Hotel, Jin Yuan, held in 2007. Focus Media chairman Jason Jiang, iResearch consulting group president Yang Weiqing and good advertising CEO Zhu Hailong and other industry insiders have attended and delivered a speech on the future of new media in the field of advertising, communication and other business is discussed.


T2C Tai Chi advertising alliance general manager Dan Jun

      single Jun: Thank you, this is the third time I have stood on the top of the podium, I feel that in this meeting will be very careful, do a year than a year. In fact, today I am talking about the content is very stylish, I said a lot of Guan Jian words in the morning meeting and the guests said repeatedly cited.

      the first is the power of the grassroots, now the fact that the content aggregation site is very grassroots, some examples are very new, hot events, such as the father has an affair spread personal website, for example can disturb the governor bow apologize black brick kilns events, there are some characters, such as Pang Zong said the monk, similar to the spread of the topic. I was in New York last year, a friend asked me, as if you escape over there to see so many people, I said, this has become our frequently cited case, you see today in the United States broadcast real-time jailbreak, we have second days can be downloaded on the network, but also with a good word screen version can see the. So we found that this is a change in the traditional mode of Internet marketing is very important, it changed the direction of the spread of the Internet, originally in the traditional portal sites include the conventional direction of propagation is put in a single direction, until now the grassroots communication network can be done very, very decentralized characteristics can play the scale of coverage to many people in a short time. In addition, this kind of marketing event is much better than before, can be done in different people to do a very influential communication.

      just second words, Wang also mentioned the so-called long tail theory, in fact, give a simple example, today there is a bottle of water on advertising, advertising is everywhere, the long tail theory is to put a lot of you do not pay much attention to fine fine day together, also have the network communication the characteristics, so all the dispersed flow is valuable.

      third, polymerization of very unique content, which is one of our case, we obtained the CCTV sports channel billion a year on investment in the brand recently, he said to have spent some money in the conventional portal, said can you introduce features of your communication, I had to he watched the football, search in the background, a lot of personal websites, vertical small sites are with the football related content, just open a, I say you see this website, this website is absolutely your audience audience.


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