Taobao customer owners entrepreneurial story want to make money execution is very important

is a double 11 a year, whether you are single or not, whether or not you need to buy the product, there will always be a Taobao Tmall on this day, please raise your hands in the gun. 2013 double 11 Carnival high turnover of innovative, I think it cannot do without such a low-key crowd, they have a very grass root name of Taobao customers, it is a great honor for me is the one.

Taobao customers to promote some personal experience, just want to point out: execution is very important.

I do Taobao guest is the first half of 2013 began, was unemployed at home on the site to find some part-time job. Slowly come into contact with Taobao, then add some Taobao customers, they exchange in the group, they feel very much, basically refresh just add a few new orders, although it was a single second! Don’t know how they do it, but I was determined to do Taobao off the mind.

so I crazy on the Internet to find information on Taobao customers, all of the Taobao customer forums are collected down, the impression of the A5 Trading Forum Taobao guest board is more active. At that time, I was the most time to soak the forum. To understand Taobao customer base with the knowledge I confused, because Taobao customers to promote the many channels, such as QQ, SNS, forum, blog, website and so on, only a QQ and there are many key words: red QQ, QQ group, QQ space, QQ friends, QQ logs about, these are not contacted me. In order to get out of the list must be all the resources need to accumulate. Up to now, also didn’t know why so much momentum, at that time every thing to do is to collect the forum, blog, all above Taobao guest link sites are collected, the blog is a collection of more than and 100 forum, a collection of more than 1 thousand. There are other resources, such as everyone station and so on, can do Taobao guest website are collected, almost more than 1 thousand and 500. Registered more than and 20 mailboxes, each site registered more than and 20 accounts, such as NetEase blog, I have more than and 20 accounts, you can imagine how crazy I, sleep four or five hours a day, the other time in the registered account, until now I have had a blog account. Registered account this is a very boring thing, open the Excel table to see a site inexplicable irritability, in the middle of many times to give up, it may have formed this habit, and actually insisted on down.


is also a coincidence, then there is a Taobao A5 passenger section advertising LAN Phyl businesses, even if no deal pay traffic fee, then I try in the forum to send the business products, made about 100 forum, there is an order in the evening, I feel thrilled no waste of time, all are well worth. So I began to try to choose the product promotion, in order to make money, of course, first choose a high commission of the product, then do not know how to choose the product, just from the Taobao A5 off some merchants on the forum. Just start with some merchants on the Taobao A5 guest page, such as this year

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