DocCash upload documents earn dollars

if you were told to upload your documents to the web, you might think we’re crazy. We will agree. However, the fact that it is the sky pie thing, the only limit is your document must generate advertising click.


so as to hide behind the cover up what like? It is DocStoc. This site allows you to upload and embed documents, is a similar DocCash stuff, which is a use of Google AdSense API to upload files from the advertising revenue in the new service.

DocCash money making process is very simple. As long as the upload documents, each time the user clicks on the ads displayed, you will be obtained from the proceeds of DocStoc into.


of course you need to link your AdSense account to your DocStoc file to begin accumulating the money you receive from the document. But if you don’t have a AdSense account, they can help you create a.

in terms of finance, DocCash evenly distributes advertising revenue from your single document page. Because when you pay through AdSense, you basically get paid monthly, you can also adjust the payment option through AdSense – check or direct deposit.

this is a clever game for the DocStoc part, because it gives you most of the site traffic and the burden of obligations. By giving small benefits, DocStoc encourages you to promote your documents to earn more money. In addition, they even use tools to help you promote, for example, let you publish to Twitter and Facebook, sent by email. The bottom line is that you bring them income, everyone wins.

upload a document to make money, similar to the domestic service Douding network, but the DocCash using the Google Adsense platform, click rate and pay are guaranteed


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