n 2015 the great God of the beauty salon planning brain hole what

recently in a beauty industry event, the author discuss some hot events in 2014 in the beauty industry of beauty and many bosses, finally all gathered in the eyes of "planning" two words. For example, the concept of product planning from the rocks on Mars, deep sea mud can easily take. The Great Hall of the people in a beauty salon planning investment will be both able to force a high, small village can also go to no human habitation. These words may be exaggerated, but the beauty industry in the planning of people outside the industry to make a powerful and unconstrained style of thinking, colleagues admire. Do not do, only unexpected, and this is only the beauty industry will have this possibility.

, of course, no matter what types of resources are not inexhaustible, the beauty industry planning people after repeated brain hole, it will inevitably result in some confusion, in 2015, what can we plan? Is more xuanhu its God or more tangible? How can attracted to the beauty salon franchisee’s attention? Spend the least money in exchange for the greatest economic benefits. This is a question worthy of our consideration.

in 2015, for the beauty industry planning, we must clearly know what we have done in the last year in the planning, the effect is how, after only to clarify this issue, we can make the enterprise more value and beauty industry planning, planning scheme is made out of just curry favour by claptrap.

products of the concept of speculation exist in every industry, people have got used to, and each has brought a feeling of sing the same old song. But the concept of the beauty industry products more and more mysterious speculation, it seems a bit deviated from the track to do practical things. Some companies to find a out of the ordinary product concept, read over the China history for thousands of years of collection. Although their hard work is sincerely admire, but I can not help but ask, so make the product concept of what can really bring benefits for the company? If you find a similar product quality and commitment and out of the ordinary concept, that is to be congratulated; if only a "out of the ordinary", it is in vain time.

but in general, the concept of speculation in 2014 product or pay more and more attention to the concept of the theory of science and technology, more and more support having substance in speech. For example, dry face concept, there is the support of the latest instruments, the selling point is easy to convince, allegedly after the 21 session of the u.s.. At this point, even the natural beauty group chairman Cai Yanping recently in Guangzhou to promote new products, but also repeatedly expressed the importance of the technical content of the product. From these aspects can also be seen in the consumer’s rational, and what kind of consumer will have what kind of market, which is an inevitable law. Therefore, the author believes that in 2015 the concept of beauty products should be designed to meet the needs of the market, with the promotion of product technology functions, there may be no general harvest.

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