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September 22nd -24, 2016 Tencent Global Partner Conference held in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition center. Tencent announced an open platform with the world’s leading public space startups Wework and RocketSpace officially signed, Tencent public space to take the pace of internationalization.

In the

conference focusing on the public record of "sharing the public record, ecological sub forum, the mobile Internet business group Tencent vice president Hou Xiao Nan, a comprehensive introduction to the Tencent Inc for Internet plus innovation and create new ecological six open system. At the same time, by the Tencent public record space, Zhejiang TV together, Tencent village title, inviting "win in China" team together to create the business reality show "I am the founder" is also published in the forum, attracted Luzhou Lao Jiao Group Chairman Zhang Liang, StarVC founder Quan Ren, the dream time movie company founder and chairman Lu Gengxu. Guest stars, to participate in the program.


Hou Xiaonan, vice president of Tencent mobile Internet business group

is different from the public — from "connecting ecology" to "sharing ecology"

Four trends of

Hou Xiaonan first through a series of numbers on the public record in 10 Internet Co: ecological world, Chinese has 3 seats, together with the United States to become the world’s Internet market leader; double tide has swept across the world, as many as Silicon Valley and Seoul, Paris, London and other places are worth double experience China learning, China future still has a huge space for development; innovation prosperity stimulating local economic development, north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other first-tier cities is the two or three line of the city entrepreneurial hot spot, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Chongqing and Wuhan also have a greater chance of.

in the face of this trend, Hou Xiaonan said that the public will create a comprehensive ecological Tencent. In a brood, a suit, a culture, and venture capital, six year star mass creating ecological development strategy, together with entrepreneurs and partners, to build an open innovation ecosystem, promote symbiotic prosperity of the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem.

in a hatch, the Tencent open platform will put more effort in the industry vertical and regional internationalization, it signed with Fuzhou Strait multi-creation space is an important pilot linking the mainland and Taiwan, at the same time, the public record space also created some of the first article: a Tencent VR multi-creation space. The first faces on both sides of the public record, the first international space. The next three years, the Tencent will carry out Shibaiqianwan project with the Fujian provincial government to build 10 cooperation platform, the introduction of 100 high-quality Internet projects, support 1000 high-quality public number, 10000 Internet talent cultivation. And with the world’s leading public space startups Wework and RocketSpace signed a cooperation agreement is the first step in the development of public space Tencent multinational development.

in terms of creative services, Tencent open platform for the solution of entrepreneurship >

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