Huang Zumin Shanghai dragon how to analyze competitor

for Shanghai dragon Er, the first step is to start the analysis of the competition, and will do the blog type, timely selection of titles and keywords of the blog for a web site, analysis of competitors is necessary to do the project, including rival key word density, keywords layout, website structure and website H1 if the label for keyword optimization, and the website’s domain name registration age and so on, there is a process, each website has a relative to the main factors of Shanghai Longfeng optimization for the optimization of key words. Shanghai dragon Er often asked, what is the core of search engine optimization? In fact, the main reason is that the chain and content. There is the user experience with the chain, or is the site of the chain optimization and so on, the main factors for the impression of keywords ranking attention. The high weight of the Links can quickly upgrade their PR, but excessive optimization will be search engine that is cheating to be right down, serious word will be plucked (K, included in the site directly cleared) to drop right or be K, the best way to make up is done, every day continue to send the chain, on the need for the anchor text for target keyword optimization page whether the chain can bring the main role. Recently a lot of Shanghai dragon Er active use of Links to enhance the site’s weight, so as to improve the keywords ranking, your page rank high, then the long tail word you publish rankings will also increase. The most striking case is the classified information website, for example, 58 city Ganji and other high weight website. The method for Links can go to the related website Links exchange platform for the exchange, high quality exchange links must be related, do Shanghai dragon to find some about search engine optimization, network marketing this link.

on the choice of words, must choose to optimize up, or to determine the main keywords to optimize the keywords of Shanghai Longfeng included the number has exceeded 60 million in the search engine home appears high weight classification information, forum, love science, love the sea hundred Shanghai news source weight very high platform, then the relative it is very difficult to optimize, the terms for a new station is the need for certain investment, with time in execution of control. If a general website can select the word place + Shanghai dragon to optimize, like Beijing Shanghai dragon love Shanghai included the number is 27 million, Google included the number is 39 million, the number of keywords love Shanghai home is 9/10, intitle is the 110 thousand Beijing Shanghai dragon like this, then the word appears almost 11 of the Shanghai dragon ER in the title, the chain number first love is 694, Shanghai is 229, March 3, 2011 registered the domain name, the PR value is 2, Alexa ranked 170 thousand, Beijing Shanghai dragon home density is 3.1%. So if you want to go beyond the need in the chain number and love Shanghai included transcendence. If your domain name domain name like 02 years old.



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