To ensure the safety and stability of website optimization without concern for

site is not stable, at the site often isn’t open, or is the IIS access restrictions, can not reach a certain number of simultaneous access. The site is not stable, one of the reasons is right down.

Two, how to prevent

can easily be hacked, linked to our site, or hang black chain, causing our website links too much, or write some gray project contact on the website, causing the site to love Shanghai snapshot and our website does not match the actual content. It is very easy to cause our site is down right, so we work hard to optimize the success of cast to waste.

here to view the 500503 status code, that Web Services > these status codes directly

(1) IIS log

We first look at the

website security and stability, which will bring bad consequences to our

started in the website, to access the website with IP category, to see if there is no illegal websites or gray project site, because the site first is not safe, it is easy to be the target of the attack, so we should not stand on the same front and they.

(2) if the website is not stable


, website security monitoring results as shown in figure


usually, our team is the stability of the site is mainly to do the monitoring work, you can pay attention to the following:

(1) if the website is not secure

(3) external inspection


(1) check with IP website


strong enough

The , a serious consequence The security and stability of the

website, we optimize the staff must pay attention to the problem, because only in the premise of these two aspects, we all work smoothly and can be optimized, otherwise, everything is in vain.

is the first, do CMS patches; secondly, modify the permissions in the CMS directory; let CMS strong enough.

The monitoring results are as follows: 360 website security

site security precautions:

can help us to site safety inspection work by well-known anti-virus software.

understand the site of insecurity and instability to our website, the consequences of love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot, keywords ranking disappeared, love Shanghai included sharply, serious is the site right down. So, we must be vigilant on website security and stability.

(2) CMS

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