How to improve website weight or let your love Shanghai keyword rankings

three: the stability of the

The stability of

: click on the principle of

two: how to improve the value of the first page of

is to click on the principle, click the principle from the traditional meaning is the search engine click on the home page flow compared to the top twenty keywords. Click on an important principle is to make up for deficiencies in the search engine, after the eye simulation test study found that a large number of keywords ranking, in fact, the largest flow is not the first, sometimes may be higher than the third to fourth, third higher than the first. We know that a web site can not meet the needs of all people, we can only meet the needs of most users, or in a certain period of time to meet the demand of search keywords, as long as you can meet the needs of users, users will click on your website. The first is to attract a degree through the title and description, when the title meet the needs of the majority, with some of the more attractive language to describe the writing, but a site is not only caused by user clicks and cause users to access this desire, you need to have the website content should conform to the user’s stomach, at least, users can find the content they need on your website on.

3. website. Open the page in the website speed, is one of the important criteria for quality assessment of a page. In addition to the page in the open speed, the page elements will be rich, prompting a little here, the video element is greater than the picture element, picture resources than text resources. We should pay attention to the design of the user experience, the reasonable use of the HTML label, reasonable section, bold and tilt, according to the size of the picture, open the page in the speed control. Control the number of ads, the statistical tools used for a number of suggestions, no more than two pages, and the best advertising theme.


First we should know what

1. time. The page contains keywords to love Shanghai billboard is consistent, the timeliness of this page is very high.

we all know love Shanghai love Shanghai itself is constantly changing, Chinese pay more attention to user experience, then we should from three aspects to improve the site keywords ranking promotion let love Shanghai.

search engine’s limited resources, Internet resources are unlimited. The search engine to provide high quality service, must choose the higher value of the page. This time with the evaluation value for each page. Evaluation of page value has the following four specific characteristics:

2. pages of said lack of irreplaceable. All meet the needs of users of the page must be related, also known as the only one page, said lack of efficiency is higher, the higher the value of the page, included is also higher, irreplaceable is not original, but it is the one and only. If your web page value is low, you collect someone else’s website also does not have what use; if I wind station page value is high, your collection of someone else’s website will have value to you.

The chainThe

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