Venture capital ndia hang there or hang there

heatwave, grey and red large buildings, a Vitoria style in London between palm trees and banyan emerge, as a recurring nightmare, scaly walls, the charm of the spacious boulevards, tall and rare trees, the smell of smoked lane.


heavy traffic, such as thin bones People are hurrying to and fro., no cattle, beggars, drag the car, The stream never stops flowing..

this is the "India notes" in a description, this is India, also have the best and most bad, in a disorderly and orderly.

this time, the protagonist into those experienced fantasy drifting Chinese investors, those who have passion and vision of the local entrepreneurs, from China to India, they gave birth to the country another heatwave.

is better than expected, and worse than expected

returned from India, Wu Bofan recalled this trip, told the B12 reporter, the most direct feeling is a better place than imagined, worse place worse than imagined.

May 1st, a build-up of the elephant, and the Grand Alliance capital intoms capital Wang Huachun, Wei et al, Navy capital investment delegation, starting from Hangzhou to India Bangalore. In six days time, this group saw the more than and 60 projects, the scene finalized the investment intentions of the 6 projects. For India, they also give a similar point of view.

Wu Bofan said: "better than expected", mainly reflected in two points:

first of all, the population structure of India is very healthy, the average age of 27 years old, indicating that this is a dynamic, labor rich country. Because the average age before middle age, the income level is not high, labor prices are relatively low.

secondly, in the face of this large number of young people and low-income people, India happens to have the ability to produce products suitable for low-income people. India medical, medical costs are very low. This is not only because the labor price is cheap, but they also have the ability to produce at low cost.

in the quality does not discount, in the channel and other aspects of the experience sink to a small place production, the price is low enough. When the percentage of twenty of the poor, can buy a pound of flour, we naturally in a more stable state of the 10 fen.

and poor places, almost all the people mentioned, that is the bad infrastructure, highway traffic is very poor, the best speed is no fence, the streets were poor, beggar, alley, mixed with the smell, in addition to the eight big city and other places almost no communication network, even in Bangalore, the signal is sometimes not.


Yeahmobi Huang Shuo resident in India, she concluded: "in India, perhaps with China mobile Internet is the gap between the three to four years, but.

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