Shanghai Longfeng share what determines the site title out of the ordinary

stood there for some time, see a variety of Shanghai dragon articles often, including keyword ranking, website snapshot, how to choose the domain name and so on, but this article and this would not matter much, and share an idea of my own, the idea about the title, though there are a lot of website Title written online, but it is on the basis of Shanghai Longfeng title based on mostly summarizes some how to write in order to better meet the search engine, so I think it is necessary to write this article, because it is different, we want to help, also welcomed the criticism.

can also be called the slogan type. This is not the title of the site focuses on the target keywords, but also a core meaning of the expression, the core meaning can be a brand name and Related words collocation, meaning as a whole it. May the title is not a keyword, but it must contain the website brand, this is the marketing type title, it has three advantages:

site title writing I think in general should be divided into two categories: marketing and Shanghai Longfeng class. It is not difficult to see from the name, the two focus is different, but the ultimate goal is to promote their own websites, let more users come to the site, so in the end what kind of good? Is described below.

Shanghai dragon type Title

marketing type Title

is more likely to be found: Shanghai dragon type title can more easily allow users to find, the weights are about the case, this title is more likely to be included in the key search to the user, because the title and search words.

creative: if you want to ask me what is missing in this society, my answer is very simple, the lack of creativity. A good idea can save a considerable amount of advertising and promotion expenses for you, because the creative marketing itself is very favorable.

: simple and practical for many people, we are more familiar with the way is simple and practical in Shanghai dragon type title, is the keyword as the title of the method, it can reduce the unnecessary words, the weight concentrated in key words. Such as Amoy street, is the key type of writing, and every day there are a lot of people search related words.

brand: a stronger sense of which I believe we have a similar experience, the general brand will use its own brand as the title of the website, keywords rather than a simple list of the website. Because at some point, the brand itself is a popular keyword. So the title of the brand stronger sense of marketing.

: since it is easy to spread the slogans of the title, it is easy to remember, so it will be more conducive to the spread of your slogan and will become a model for others to follow the object, so imperceptibly in free for you to do a lot of advertising and promotion. Although it is different from the viral marketing, but the truth is similar.

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