Recognize the chain for the emperor misunderstanding ten efficient chain skills

This article draws on

blog. Although such links are being added nofollow, but the number of valid or on the site, of course, this link is best recommended subscription blog, carefully read the articles of others, when learning experiences leave a link, do not.

3, Links. The chain to the Links is relatively stable and simple, to some Links exchange link exchange platform release information, every day looking for a few good sites for exchange connection on the OK, but also left a good chain. But now Links effect is not good, also often worry about friendship website.

1, the original article. Collect high weight website forum, then every 1 hours a day time to write an original article, posted on these sites, of course, is the best of related industries. If successfully passed the review will be reproduced countless websites your article, so the chain quality is very high.


5, Q & a platform. Love Shanghai know, Search ask, answer, so the platform weight is very high, which belongs to the high quality of the chain. This kind of platform and common people are trust, if you are doing online trading site, that can bring you a lot of orders, the author made a shooting two birds with one stone, before Taobao guest website, many transactions flow is through the inquiry platform.


2, pseudo original. If you write the original article for you is a difficult thing, if you do is information, Taobao news, guest, film category of such station website content if the pure original is not too realistic, then you can use false original tools online or in some English sites using translation tools translate the passage. He then sent to a finishing editing forum.

outside the chain of skills

A5 after the release of the reprint about dozens of


"content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence really illustrates an algorithm of search engine ranking, Shanghai dragon in the process, the chain accounted for a large proportion, to enhance the website ranking, increase included, improve the PR value, need to be implemented by many outside the chain of high quality. But many people are like interpret out of context understand this sentence, think the site simply update several pieces of content, send the chain, ranking will be good. It seems in addition to these two things do not do other things website optimization, from a lot of Shanghai Longfeng blog pseudo original, journal, copy the article without the remarkable integrity forum.

4, use blog platform links. For 5-10 a major platform of the blog, to update a few articles or false original article every day, early blog is best not to send the chain, best to keep a month to send the chain, the effect is very good. Is the commonly used seal site outside the chain construction method.

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