The actual operation and the key means of speculation in Shanghai Dragon

I tried to use this kind of countless times, every time that is very useful, but that is not for his own point. For example: in 2009, 94 years has been red Le event sink to 15 years, no one to focus on, then I also ignore. In 2009 we remember what the most sensational? Parade? Entertainment event? I also think of these things, but I was wrong, in 2009, the biggest thing is the recovery of the economy, people in the pursuit of quality of life is gradually rising. Because I chose a theme of people’s living standard, but unfortunately failed, my judgment is not very exquisite. Later discovered that the original people feel most interested in: none of my business. > their own thing, gossip entertainment news, > > state. After finding the law, I try, but not a good result. Finally, to find the old news, I saw the red Le event. Because I want the opportunity to stir up his. In many ways, only through the news source of the three year crazy characters, and he said a word. Four kings in addition to Jacky Cheung, the other is the clown. The results again unexpectedly popular throughout the internet. Here you can get a result you want to hype current topic, people must be curious, rather than some small things.

read a sentence: do you want to uncover others scars, but if a scar is not caused by the wound, but no matter how you birthmark, sprinkle salt will not hurt. In Shanghai Dragon said, you think of a way is right, but the entrance is obviously wrong or useless, even will bring harm to ourselves. So you have to do, will only lead to other people’s ridicule.

said this? Before a entertainment and technology combined with the operation of Shanghai dragon, but how to quickly obtain the information, but also to find the entrance, and in a short time to prove valuable entrance. This is another key, here to talk about some anti textbooks and correct approach.

I > Before

recently have not found a special word — great master, good, this is a series of network novels, but was very red with fried, did not pay attention to the way through the movie website right?. I found a lot of people say to blog website is a good way, but I think, with the movie website website is a better way to raise. Because the movie most people got awful, as long as do the Java playing page Jump, hits never less. Want to fry a little old rice, plus news sources around, this is not difficult.

there was a time when I tried to use Post Bar hype, here suggest you don’t try, Post Bar depth, what people have, primary school students college students, a lot of funny forced small society. If in the Post Bar neighborhood, the opposite effect is very serious, there was a time when I try to challenge Li Yi, the site one day was reported less than a hundred times of full out. Always in a day between the 100 ranking all fall outside. Therefore it is not advisable.


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