The difference in Shanghai Longfeng optimization and general site of the independent blog

first, highlight an independent blog full of static optimization of the advantages.

tag cloud optimization

made several ASP language independent blog, have a very strong advantage in terms of static, especially static functions as it is widely used in ZBLOG have been very powerful, easy to use, widely welcomed by the owners, but the PHP language WORLDPRESS program requires owners related to the use of plug-ins to complete static pages, although this is an independent blog page static but less comprehensive advantages. In Shanghai Longfeng optimization, to give full play to the advantages of using static comprehensive to enhance the degree of search, increase access to and included in the fast filling advantages, thus to some extent can make up for the defects of weight independent blog program is not natural enough.

blog in the procedure compared with CMS and BBS procedures more streamlined, in appearance is the page number, page included the webmaster for attention is obviously can not satisfactory. Faced with this situation, the optimization can be targeted to make up, one hand is to increase the number of original articles, maintain daily frequent updates to increase collection; a more personalized way is to use the two level directory, some programs by two directory, such as dictionary function, query function can be generated static page tool program, add more included pages for independent blog, so that the whole collection number can be increased dramatically.

tag cloud is independent blog a very important.

But compared to the traditional mainstream

second, make up for the deficiencies of independent blog page thin.

again, full use and play the advantages of

is commonly used to do Webmaster Station program in addition to the traditional mainstream CMS and BBS program, independent blog has become more and more popular, made from a variety of ASP language program PJBLOG, ZBLOG, OBLOG to foreign popular PHP language WORLDPRESS program, to love with the independent blog station provides a very rich choose, just pay attention to the choice of the corresponding WINDOWS space or LINUX space to run different programs. After the establishment of the independent blog webmaster, one must consider how to keep original update regularly, on the other hand, we must consider how to moderate Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in order to improve traffic, increase revenue.

CMS program and the forum, independent blog Shanghai Longfeng optimization and their optimization are different, this is due to the large differences in procedure, so in the optimization process according to the independent blog, to fully understand these differences, the more aiming at the optimization measures to improve the optimization effect. Combined with the operation of independent blog and share the experience of the station, I found that independent blog optimization characteristics and summary.

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