Zhuge Sheldon the key point of thinking of the Shanghai dragon optimization details

website data analysis, the actual implementation process we seldom do data analysis, website optimization we do not adhere to the common understanding of the concept, to know the search engine is constantly changing, this love by Shanghai several times "air shock" can be seen. When your site optimization is very good when the search engine is not afraid of "ventilation". Data analysis in the end need analysis of Shanghai dragon > what content?

in order to improve the website of a keyword search natural ranking in the search engine results, in order to achieve by optimizing the search engine to get more free traffic to do that is we often say that Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng optimization requires both methods and skills, also need to have a certain strategy. We usually understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization in the station optimization and stood outside optimization points. The station optimization keyword optimization, internal links optimization, mostly outside the station outside the station optimization link building.

what is the Shanghai dragon

How to select the keywords optimization details? For the website optimization is a very important content of

said the Shanghai dragon is in need of skills and execution, many webmaster friends in Shanghai Longfeng to optimize the time is the basic website, the website chain release. In addition to these work we need to do a lot, in the ongoing Shanghai Longfeng optimization changes to the user experience of the website, to optimize the site to have an overall grasp, and do some necessary data analysis in the optimization process, can make our Shanghai dragon more accurate execution.

website optimization is defined as a reasonable optimization of the website. Many people think that website optimization is called Shanghai Longfeng (search engine optimization), in fact, Shanghai dragon is only part of the website optimization, website optimization both for search engine optimization of Shanghai dragon, also contains the UEO optimized for the user (user experience optimization). The core of the web site optimization is the site user experience optimization, UEO is for users to access the site, then users love website is a good website.

Shanghai dragon


optimization method for the corresponding to the website search engine, to improve the site keywords ranking, get free traffic from search engines is our Shanghai dragon to the website keywords selection there are many skills, such as how to determine the website main keywords, such as reasonable distribution of site keywords, how to use the long tail keywords increase website traffic and so on. Words are chosen according to the analysis of website positioning theme, not too popular words (it is easy to optimize higher ranking, but no traffic, website) is too popular keywords because the competition is relatively large, relatively difficult to optimize, this needs according to our own executive ability to choose. The difficulty of optimization to view a keyword, can check the number of search results, also can view the love Shanghai index, you can also view the search results some website optimization data ranking.


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