The optimization of bidding keywords love Shanghai

have to say, love Shanghai promotion background do not quite human, when we enter a keyword in the background, the system will automatically match the keywords according to the relevant keywords, in addition, will be based on the word search, in order to show the most popular key word, for your reference.

2, love Shanghai Related words recommended by

1 tools selection method

, a key to expand

promotion plan, we can according to the key structure, part of speech, before and after.

1, first of all will be divided into categories of keywords, the establishment of promotion plan

all the week, keywords plays a vital role in the love of Shanghai auction, keyword selection more likely to search more customers; keywords matching mode with better, can let key words be more reasonable, in order to avoid the waste of cost. So, how to choose keywords, how to maximize the keyword function? Here, Xiaobian to explain in detail about keyword optimization knowledge love Shanghai auction.

3, recommended product correlation method

may all have noticed, a search for a keyword in the search box, love Shanghai, love Shanghai in the drop-down box to automatically match the most relevant keywords search search. In addition, at the bottom of the search results, Shanghai will love the keywords relevant search list. We can also love Shanghai index query to find relevant search words.

two, the refinement of

keyword garbage trucks, we can according to "Dongfeng brand building garbage truck, garbage truck, Futian" liberation "garbage truck promotion plan;

Keywords For example: the garbage truck Dongfeng

we optimize the account structure, keyword segmentation is becoming an important subdivision, keywords that we not only in the visual sense will be more clear, will write creative after, makes the statement appears as well. Keywords subdivision roughly divided into the following 2 steps:

2, then according to the 3 plan, the establishment of promotion unit

keywordsIn For example: the

is expanding customer clicks the determinants of keywords more, then, the number of customers click more, but many people in the keyword expansion, think keywords not good choice, in fact as long as have the following methods, problems will be smoothly done or easily solved keyword selection.

each product has its own function, brand, name, attributes, we can in these efforts, for example: garbage truck this product, according to the brand extension keywords for Dongfeng Futian garbage truck, garbage truck etc.; according to the models can expand keywords for compression type garbage truck, arm garbage truck; according to the volume can expand keywords for 8 party garbage trucks, garbage trucks and so on 10 party. Just imagine, and so on, a product can be extended to hundreds, even thousands of keywords.

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