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two, a more favorable corporate image publicity

love Shanghai encyclopedia in the circle is an often discussed platform. Most people are praised the optimization means love Shanghai Encyclopedia of good, high weight, the chain of the treasure and so on. Since so much about love Shanghai encyclopedia, so whether the webmaster friends pay attention to love Shanghai encyclopedia now being measured into a video the news in the Wikipedia entry above. If you notice, that you are really concerned about the Internet, is very concerned about the love Shanghai, optimization of this potential, of course, if no notice is not to say that you have to optimize this potential. Well, I personally love the Shanghai encyclopedia can be inserted into the video of this feature can bring benefits to us:


I want to insert this Wikipedia entry video function, there will be more companies to record video to promote their own corporate image. It is obviously something, after all the love Shanghai encyclopedia in the search engine ranking is very considerable. Before many companies are just by writing love Shanghai Wikipedia entries, in the form of text to introduce their own enterprises. The Encyclopedia of video features, is to have enough to attract business, after all the publicity video than single word propaganda effect it is far better than one level.

, a chain and a piece of treasure

of course, Encyclopedia of video features currently only beta stage, but we as a webmaster, must discover the market to move faster to dig more wealth. The original article by the intelligent mobile phone list 贵族宝贝xiakui贵族宝贝, please indicate the source, thank you

is Match 8 Women’s Day "Wikipedia entry. From the above point of view, we see the Wikipedia entry is inserted from the video call tudou贵族宝贝, is through the external link call form to achieve. I estimate this video calls with the same picture call, you have not noticed when the picture called Wikipedia entry will have a picture reference link, and this link will appear in the entry below the reference, this is undoubtedly to we provide the construction of the chain, and the entry of IP traffic link to the website the I think is very considerable.

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