The 6 major causes of Wuhan Shanghai dragon on site is love Shanghai right down

2, free to replace the template or structure of the website

3, the quality of Many novice

friends didn’t do their own planning of the site, and then on the line after the title is not satisfied that, modify title, keywords and description are not satisfied, and modify the keywords and description. Then new friends but not take it seriously, think what is not what changes under the title, but this will make love Shanghai think your site is not mature is not stable enough, is a garbage station, and even think that your site is cheating, so your site is down the right and punishment is also reasonable. These new sites to affect change is very large, of course, a little effect on the old station, as long as attention over a period of time to a word, and then strengthen the content renewal and the construction of the chain of OK, basically did not affect what, don’t one-time Huanyang! Then is described, a lot of friends described again change, always think writing is not good enough, although the description of the influence factors of the lower ranking, and Google see factor described has been close to 0, but we still do not arbitrarily large area change, stable + update is very important on a website, so the search engine will trust you, weight give you a higher ranking, good.

maybe many novice friends do not believe that the quality of a website can affect the ranking of a website. A friend of the blog the chain didn’t do, but his article is of high quality, keywords ranking is firmly in the first place. The quality of the search engine is the most direct factor of the quality assessment of the site and other sites in our copying collection articles, will lead to the search engine think this is a garbage station, which will lead to the site updated slowly, not included, and the site is included, the latest snapshot, but no words are no ranking.

is equivalent to the first point, replace the template or structure of the site to the site to bring the influence to small lot, but don’t trust free to change or modify will cause the search engine, resulting in not updated snapshot or reverse, leading to serious keywords ranking drop. A few friends that Goshu has already been verified, has not updated snapshot, there are keywords ranking drop, but can usually recover soon, though, Goshu is recommended if the existing template no question of what to optimize is not free to change the.

4, the website whether there is cheating

in the optimization process, many new friends always ask: why love my site is down right? Why didn’t my home page updated snapshot of my article? Why not be included? Etc.. TA then asked, what did you do, TA will tell you what I did. What really didn’t do? Look at the following several points and whether you personally:

1, modify the title, keywords and description

love of Shanghai is very severe for cheating on the website, such as keyword, >

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