SEM mainly supplemented by Shanghai dragon

now see some Adsense hard to do research on the optimization of Shanghai dragon, way outside the station, some people throw the daughter to do alone for promotion, the effect is obviously, so in the end, Shanghai dragon and SEM

in SEM at the same time, we must monitor the keywords, to jump out rate and high conversion words timely adjustment, regional and city to do the difference (love promotion is accurate to Shanghai Province, the 360 can be accurate to the municipal level), and do well in the station optimization, chain, keyword distribution, 404 the page and 302 page cleaning etc.. This will show the website promotion effect.

website, if it is a novel station, it seems a bit redundant do pay promotion, not to say that should not do, only if the station outside the station optimization, should have a good ranking. But if the shopping guide websites like seconds off the network, the key words simply rely on the construction of the chain, it may not have much effect.

the second passenger network 贵族宝贝miaokenet贵族宝贝 welcome to reprint, please indicate the source.

domestic websites, pay more attention to love Shanghai, because love will lead to more traffic in Shanghai. The Google website weight judgment is multi-faceted, pay more attention to the chain, and love Shanghai engineers, just leave the words, pay attention to the user experience. What is the user experience? Some time ago about a novel website, in just half a month is a collection of more than 30 thousand love Shanghai, the chain of more than 40 thousand, which is typically collected by cheating, plus Text Novels stand more, do the keywords and the anchor text is easy. But Shanghai is still not out of love K. So, as long as the flow rate, Shanghai will still be the love.

should be how to grasp it?Type

type of e-commerce website, do pay promotion is unavoidable, the initial drop point money should be, is also very necessary. The first analysis of the user if the source came from the 360, Sogou, can consider to do the two, the two are relatively inexpensive, love Shanghai more expensive. You can observe a period of time, and to assess the effect of the conversion rate, in the meantime, if you love Shanghai source user decline, is worth vigilance, then you should love Shanghai do pay promotion. Because of the love of Shanghai flow reduction, mean weight decreased. Generally speaking, the webmaster estimated flow rate is below 500, the webmaster assessment of love Shanghai weight dropped to more than 21000, will reach 4.

is now generally have such a view: Shanghai dragon is dead, or no reason to keep on development. Really?

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