Standing on the shoulders of giants processing not included in web pages


may associated with the name of the software, I do not think that is advertising, because these resources are free to use, I also asked the author, only the senior will charge

1, which pages are not included, as to which page chain;

specific configuration, look at the picture on the right shows, copy


is usually not included all of the site page processing method is:

bull Shanghai dragon tools", following the functions used in this software are free to use it.

for some hero reproduced his pictures simply do the watermark processing, does not affect the sighted friends enjoy

! Why do I say

is there a good method?! what is real! [following combat with love as an example of Shanghai


two, collect page link, how do you know which pages.

written today, did not have much difficulty, but for some people, love is not mindless, what things are not to feed into the mouth to eat. Now the cyber source is very rich, you don’t learn it, ha ha, you will soon be eliminated.

said such a beginning, in the end how to handle not included web page

?Since the !The following

, I usually do, but not included in the page, the love of Shanghai is not included, although your original, but competitors reproduced away, perhaps people included in the website included better than you.

This article ! ]You can go to download the "

stupid you a paste, and then to find a love inside Shanghai collection;

treatment has not included in the page, the most important thing is to find the page where the link, don’t ask why, there will be introduced. For example, I want to find a business website news column is not included in the news, how to find

OK, stop here, then I will send you a magic weapon, with good

, very simple!

download after landing with a free user account, and then the tools to find a "tool", there is one called "URL a key extractor", open, and then configure.

, how to collect a batch not included page

2, which updates the page, which page to give in the home Showcase;

treatment were not included site, to stand on the shoulders of giants? Because of the actual operation, in fact most of the tools used are with other tools to achieve, I do not have to personally develop these tools, I just put these resources together, good for me.

3 is not included, I have no idea, when we do not know the Baidu aunt what to

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