Case analysis the site is how to hit the penguin

from the above picture, we can see that those with a nofollow attribute target it is webmaster want anchor text links with brand advantages, we can find that all the anchor text links are accurate, around three brands: electronics, anchor text links babyAnd and toys.


is black, white or grey Shanghai Longfeng link building strategy, as a link builder, they do not want to see good results when you see those short-sighted, website ranking or flow straight down when the owners more hope to avoid spam links through effective cleanup work, in this article share is a web site optimization process failed to typical example of success.

2, internal use too much nofollow

pink is highlighted with a nofollow attribute in

No matter

2, avoid the waste of marketing

site is a few months before and after the change of concentration of penguins, can be seen from the figure, 4/24 Penguin announced, click on the number of 4/25 sites fell sharply, although this is an indirect way to the reaction site has been the target concentration of penguins.

two, how to "validity" to save the site

panda or penguin, when they find the target site without any reaction or punishment sign, but the global website is a lot to click on the site through the anchor text link, eventually why because they pose a problem for the anchor text site? Maybe webmaster friends want to break the head to want to understand why this is? If you see the anchor text links a large internal e-commerce site footer, you will understand that not all of the penguins to anchor text site in the attack, it is just like a human like conscious recognition of these sites and do not want to shut the link.

This is the

1, too much is not related to the anchor text link


although it is not technically a form of links, but 301 redirect to "clean" the domain name is a dynamic link building operation, every Shanghai Longfeng workers understand that if you play the black hat Shanghai dragon, then you burned the chance of more, a domain name is redirected to the main domain establishment contact is, is a traditional safe way, can help restore the site from Google penguins in action.

1, clean the domain name

, a site causes mortality

The Analysis of

link addiction is a common marketing > a new listed company

Whether you use the


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