Comprehensive interpretation of ranking and down this is why

!There is a dead link or black chain

1 update sometimes more, sometimes less

2 the number of the chain quality is not a stable

many webmaster in site is updated because no concept of time or no specific daily work arrangement, resulting in website content update time every day is not the same, do not underestimate this point, this is a problem can lead to the above mentioned ranking and down. For a spider crawling are updated every day to love a regular website. In addition to update content as today, tomorrow is less, updated every day a number is too large may also lead to ranking up and down. So how are we going to solve this problem, is very simple, as long as we arrange a good time every day, what time to update the content, every day update how many content on it.

this is more serious, dead link or black chain has great influence on the website ranking, dead link is very good, such as a 404 error page, while the black chain is hard to deal with, they often hidden deep, that we should how to deal with these links, ha ha, if you technology is not very sophisticated, the only way to use the land and the same hand to deal with these links, although hard point is absolutely the best effect. But a black chain or dead links have been removed, but still insist every day to update the site, I believe that the ranking will be back soon!

4 Links brought not only

chain is Shanghai dragon, the number of the chain every day and how much quality also determines the site ranking problem. The author has done a survey if the number of the chain fell a lot, is the website ranking will fall off. It is because of what cause the chain number suddenly disappeared? At present, many owners to obtain high quality outside the chain of love and love to some Shanghai relevant local links, such as Wikipedia, know, experience, Post Bar, and the recent increase of love Shanghai where it links the crackdown, such as you today in the above website article 50 chain, may have the same day or within 3 days can be found, but once found love Shanghai removed the link and the number of the chain may suddenly disappear, which happened to be outside the chain is the key to the high quality of the chain, so will be linked to the lead up and Ranking Ranking

webmaster to Shanghai dragon website ranking the most worried about is the top down, looking at today also ranked in the top 10, the love Shanghai update ranking back to the "liberation", ha ha, that is because in the end what lead to ranking and down today? Come and fish we analyze. Well, nonsense not say, directly on the

3 internal website


Links as the best form of the chain, has been popular with everyone to worship. But Links is not only to the site brought advantages will also occasionally bring disadvantages. In a sudden drop in rankings when we can.

or notOne of the more important part of the construction of the

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