The owners need to pay attention to what the friend exchange chain


. Search engines situation, see the search engine snapshot is timely.

come to talk about the search engine snapshot, snapshot search engine when exchanging Links becomes very important, timely snapshot update that search engine friendly spider faster, when the exchange Links with such a site can be said to be benefited, of course, does not necessarily require the snapshot every day, the next snapshot you can exchange links.

PR in Google webmaster tools for Links disappeared after many owners do not know for Links should pay attention to what is today, for this problem, as we talk about Links Takeshi for what should be paid attention to, you will find that PR is just a number, there is no actual website data is important.

there is to see whether the webmaster do website content update, the original article, because the website search engine recognition will become increasingly high, the search engine recognition of your website chain for your website recognition is also improved accordingly, should not only look after look fast included do not see the content, content aware it is a site for the development of the king, if the content is updated on the website, whether it is not new, in fact can be considered appropriate and exchange links, so that the old station to the new station, new station will also promote the old station, it is a win-win.

Google PR will not occur again after the update, we are looking at the love of Shanghai > weight, Google PR

whether the PR is really gone or just change the interface, we must look at a web site in the search engine included in exchange of Links, the collection can be divided into several categories, the first category included less than 100, second included 1000 below, the third category is more than 1000+. In fact, as long as a web site included in the above is not a very big difference, no matter how PR can be considered appropriate for Links.

a website to the healthy development of the real, website content should not be involved in illegal information, if there is a website sooner or later by K, and the exchange Links website will be deeply implicated so I suggest, if you want to exchange with other friends of the chain site must be deep into the site to understand a there is no violation of the content, not because of a smelly smelly fish tank a cause infinite harm to people.

yesterday suddenly in the webmaster tools can not find disappear, there is joy, sorrow, more panic, in fact, can not be considered Takeshi webmaster, Google PR disappear for the webmaster is only a small thing, not the panic. The development of a website is not PR, but how to do, how to set up the customer loyalty.

three. Don’t believe the weight weight, PR don’t think PR is king.

two. See the website if there is illegal content, the content is not original every day.

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