The lifeblood of Webmaster Platform suspected search engine

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform:

search engine development situation at home and abroad, I found a problem: Webmaster Platform operation good market share accounted for more, the contrary will never get in the trough, or even eliminated, as if in the interpretation of the concept of coexistence of stationmaster and search engine. In order to support this looks very wonderful, I came to do the analysis for the operation of the major search engines.

China search engine market share in 2014 (Figure

noble baby has maintained friendly and global head of the exchange, and provide advanced and free tools for the application of this process, so far it is still the world search giant, but it is not enough to explain the problem, because the baby is noble search engine pioneer, then we analysis the three major domestic Chinese search engine the full description, the lifeblood of Webmaster Platform "suspected" search engine.

Chinese global search engine is still love Shanghai lead, the first launch of Webmaster Platform search engine, the application of Webmaster Platform open can be said to be close to the trend, through the webmaster can master a lot of authoritative data of the platform, to understand the situation and level of website optimization, obviously love Shanghai Webmaster Platform operation active. So it Chinese search engine market share of 57.51%, as shown in the figure CNBETA reported in January 13, 2015.


in addition to love deeply exchanges between Shanghai and to stationmaster, also open the webmaster community (PS: only a small number of owners have the right to speak like a stone on their own feet), but also do not regularly held around the District line exchange activities, the author did not participate in such activities, but that should be the theme with the search engine as the core, thus fell in love with the sea do Kung Fu is very good, Webmaster Platform activity is high enough, the market share accounted for more.


Webmaster Platform:

noble baby administrator tools:


global search giant noble baby Webmaster Platform, operation state can not be questioned in the world are in use, according to the Russian "Komsomolskaya Pravda" reported on January 11th, to 2014 December aristocratic baby accounted for 75.2% of the global market share, even some decline that is insufficient to produce a threat.

I had complained of Sogou Webmaster Platform is a decoration, because it to November 12, 2013 and never updated, the user experience is also the complaints have no reply, that it can be assigned to 13.29% of the market share, it is based on, if not with the Tencent you really can not imagine how the alliance will follow.


is a prominent case: never launched Webmaster Platform Tencent face eventually be merged, outside thought and Tencent will force the Sogou alliance, how the material after the merger >

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