The largest foreign trade English Shanghai dragon ultimate optimization way to create profits

is now the foreign trade station is still a lot of SPAM to increase the chain, is that this is not a matter for many small companies, because we cannot go with a large number of original content to send, not this time, there is no such energy. The author also analyzes some good foreign trade website, they are still through a chain to get good rankings, but they are usually not stable, ranking can not keep for a long time. But there are still a number of relatively stable website, I dare not say that they can remain stable, but generally have at least a few months. This a few months is enough for the foreign trade station. The author will focus on how to optimize the problem.

contact English Shanghai dragon in this industry have been more than 4 years, especially some opinions for the study of noble baby.

1. general practice first, foreign trade English Shanghai dragon. Do foreign trade of Shanghai dragon is clear to everyone, the station products are generally more, use more is the ZenCart template, it does not have much to say. Mainly talk about how to optimize the ranking of relatively stable foreign trade station are generally early very little hair of the chain, and keep stable, this time may be up to six months or even a year’s time, so do foreign trade station also have patience and persistence. The station is generally updated original content. The author analysis, this is the foreign trade station to give the baby a noble, I do is a useful station, can provide content to the user, gave baby a good impression. After half a year, the foreign trade station began a large number of SPAM, ranking is also rising rapidly, may soon be able to occupy the noble baby home, (except for some political factors and the nobility.

in 2010 that will make foreign trade is indeed very good to do. Just send some outside the chain will have a good ranking. But since 2011, foreign trade is more and more difficult to do, because the noble baby adjustment algorithm and some political reasons, leading to many foreign trade companies have been closed down, a lot of foreign websites can make up a short time, but in the home to be soon fall, this is what reason, the author analyzes the following began to.

some time ago there are some foreigners of our people to do foreign trade imitation goods station, choose some industry as a case analysis to describe the foreign trade station is how to row in the noble baby home. First, he analyzed the word "NFL Jerseys", we can see the search page is still the most noble baby occupy foreign trade imitation goods station. Then he analyzed the "Pandora jewelry" is now at the end of June 2011, the result is in addition to the official website of genuine station occupy the top 2, others are basically foreign imitation goods station. Finally, an example is the "Thomas Sabo", the result is almost the same, imitation station basically occupied most of the position. This shows that as a result, the foreign trade station is still a good chance. The key is to see how to optimize.

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