Unfamiliar Street Tang Yan never care about the outside world

Tang on the rock of an interview is probably at the end of 2014, when the unfamiliar street Nasdaq, his son became the youngest bell "". It was founded third years unfamiliar street, time to push back for another 10 months, unfamiliar street announced the number of users breaking billion. Prior to this, the mobile social heavyweights or giants, only WeChat.


Do you think what would subvert WeChat problem

this is Tang Yan was most often asked? He thought, I know that I didn’t do so directly, said: "before you should be in the Baidu search." Only later, you can see his ambition, he said he was at the beginning of a very large plate to go, to build a social empire.

outbreak of the mobile Internet and the needs of the people created unfamiliar street. At the same time, a variety of external disputes and look at the company has never disappeared. Tang Yan was always clear, "I never regardless of the voice of the outside world".

this is the unfamiliar street founded fifth years, live business Unfamiliar Street began to shine, before the three quarter of the total revenue of more than $300 million. Take this opportunity, we have a haze index in the evening of the table, and Tang rock chat. In this conversation, as in the past we asked Tang Yan on the road of entrepreneurship thinking and rehabilitation, but at the same time we are directly thrown up some sharp questions.

fortunately, claiming to have not changed their own business, Tang Yan, who still maintained a simple and direct characteristics, he is very sincere to give their own answer. Also based on this, we "authentic" to the following contents of the chat, almost no word. Below, Enjoy:


1, unfamiliar street has gone through more than 5 years, your development is divided into several stages? What are the characteristics of each stage and each state? Before you say "CEO you three things: money, to find people, find the direction, the


Tang Yan: to be divided, it is listed with no difference. If you want to subdivide, that is, do not have to do with the contents of the contents of the difference.

There is no need to say more about the difference between

and non-listed company. Management of listed companies will be more standardized. From the beginning of my own to the entire executive level, are required in accordance with the rules of the listed company to manage the company, will require a little more.

the most important requirement, in fact, refers to the completion of the business, such as the development of business indicators, the establishment of the degree of completion. For each listed company, business expectations and management to do more stringent. In fact, a lot of people in the company’s management capabilities, have put forward a small requirement.

As for the difference between

content and no content, the original basically unfamiliar street in "improve social efficiency" from the product level above this thing doing more; now do anything, is also a big difference. "

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