Love started in February 29th in Shanghai daily updated website

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for search engine optimization, we should consider the problem of

change to this love Shanghai, in terms of speaking, for those updates more diligent friends, obviously can see changes in your website, the website data timely response to the user. The whole station data changes can be timely clean that no traffic, no value ". A lot of junk page relative to the user is undoubtedly upset, not to search for their own content, or to search some data is n years ago, at the time of the data may be useful, but now still useless. The user should know the latest information. So the search engine for data update is good for purifying the internet. This also proves that the Internet is in progress, the increase of the amount of information, the search engine has also continued progress, in order to meet the needs of more people. However, the search engine optimization friends, whether we have to follow to progress to a lot of learning, I do search engine optimization also has a time, my current experience about search engine optimization, we should be how to deal with the data after the change with each new day.

data update, whether from the chain, or from within the chain, undoubtedly, update speed, will be more quickly, maybe you do today outside the chain, love Shanghai included, this data is not found tomorrow, and to delete. In the construction of the chain website, we can’t just send in, according to the correlation, and the value of the page to do, should consider whether this link is useful for users, with no links will be eliminated, whether it is BBS signature, blog posts, or soft paper, quality problems are linked, the focus of the future search engine optimization are concerned, this is the trend. How to increase the quality of the chain that we should be very clear. All the user needs as the starting point, is the kingly way. Again about the website content problem, if you still do a lot of garbage station, or others to collect information on the site, then the future is certainly not ideal. Each site has its own position, is the starting point and target customers. Since the target customers will have to look at their website content can meet the demand of users, you collected information, must already exist in the internet. With the love of Shanghai quick update within your site >

To speed up the view web content above

this morning to open the love of Shanghai, see included when a conspicuous dialog pops out, that from the beginning of February 29, 2012, love every day in Shanghai on the website of the collected updates, see this news, I was happy and worried. Love Shanghai on the website of the data to speed up the frequency of updates, this is undoubtedly an update of the site more attention. This is a search engine for users to have a progress, concern is to speed up the update frequency is not for those who do not update the site often negative friends, according to this problem, I talk about my views.

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