Several Links you can not know the secret

is a Links chain, we usually go to exchange Links and others, are generally exchange links page of the first page of the weight is the highest, so we through the exchange links with others, so the chain resources is relatively high, if you can let the other do a station link to us, the better effect obviously. The chain for the emperor, the chain that role is very.

spider is crawling through the link, the PR rating is a website, which is judged by the page (between the vote, voting is through the link) when we do Links, is the use of this reason, transmission links, so is said to help enhance our website PR value. (although many friends don’t care about this, but it is better than nothing)

can say we do many objective is to enhance the website keywords ranking, when we exchange Links and others, the two sides.

three flow

We all know that

now many friends will come to judge the weight of your site according to your website snapshot date, so we do not timely in the website snapshot of the case, can do some good Links and snapshot date of the site, the spider is crawling through the link, this is equivalent to the spider led to our site, so as to enhance the we love Shanghai website snapshot date.


driven website snapshot

two upgrade website PR value

yesterday wrote an article on Links: quality standard. Many friends said that I said back to see the article on the exchange Links or some help. But a lot of new friends tell me, we have always stressed that Links Links, so what are the advantages? Let’s search for friendship link, the construction site in Zhengzhou below according to their own experience to share with you what secret Links:

we can get some potential flow through Links, users will come to our site by visiting the site links, may finally become our customers. (so that the peer site more)

Many of my friends in

four increased the popularity of the website

when we do platform and classification information, many links can not be brought up, but we can put the name of the company or the unique name on the site, increase our exposure, as in outdoor, bus, etc. see TV media advertising as a won’t be remembered, but after repeated exposure has become a brand. When we do Links, also can leave we want exposure information in another site, this is a good choice to promote the brand website.

We all know that

six upgrade website ranking

improve the quality of the chain of

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