Search engine optimization method to analyze 5 blog

search engine is like the same love simple error free website structure, some pursuit will temporarily abandon those ideas, java script script and Flash are required to be concise and generous, not only in the page into the spider smooth free, users also feel very comfortable at a glance.

two: cover enough keywords content

: the theme of the blog

search engine spiders get links through the content of a page, we also talk about our approach, is to do a small site map in the blog, to ensure the navigation cover page directory page, there are links to other pages.

is a convenient new choice of keywords Google blog spider in your blog included, after a key fire, your ranking does not burst up is difficult, some people often say that they are 70% traffic from search engines, in fact, you can do these, such as "export text connection settings keywords. URL, ALT and meta have the image tag keywords, need to pay attention to this is not built in order to optimize the keywords, the user looks in you will feel the theme is distorted, generally we will know about keyword density between 2-8%, more than 10% included above may undermine the.

three: page design

this is controversial, I always thought that the export quality links will improve ranking in the blog search engine, so the link in the post into the station, although some high quality blog was collected, will share part of the flow, but the weight is increasing with the authority. This method is so mixed. Here to keep the high quality rather than quantity, or too many outbound links will directly affect the ranking.

< > external optimization is derivedA

Hello, I am plump network mall edit, search engine due to the recent frequent changes, we have to take some of the extension offbeat website optimization method, and search engine optimization blog is an all attention and a place to ignore, often discussed, blog how to rank the first, I think the blog said there are many other aspects of friends, don’t search engine trap, following small series to share with you my experience optimization.

four: the chain optimization


from our experience can understand that if the blog has specific distinctive theme, so he will definitely get good rankings, for example, has a blog theme than some blog theme contains a lot of high ranking, established more than 100 pages of blog, but the content is a theme, then this blog the ranking will definitely a grade one day, because the blog has authority, weight, of course, the skills of things are always careful to master, he is just a reference to.

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